Real Estate

Our firm assists clients in every aspect of real estate law including both transactional law and litigation. We represent both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real property including preparation of purchase and sale agreements and representing clients throughout the purchase and sale process.

We also represent clients in connection with disputes related to the possession and ownership of real property including residential and commercial evictions, ejectments actions, foreclosure actions, quiet title actions and leasing disputes. We service the real estate needs of our clients in the areas of:

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Buyer/Seller Representation
In Florida, it is common for buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real property to retain legal counsel to represent them in the purchase and sale transaction. The results of legal representation are maximized when the attorney is retained from the beginning of the process including preparing and/or reviewing the Purchase and Sale Agreement prior to signing.

Ejectment Actions
Ejectment actions are necessary to remove an individual from real property in circumstances where the occupant claims an ownership interest in the real property.  Similar to unlawful detainer actions, there is no rental agreement or lease agreement present in an ejectment action. In Florida, ejectment actions are managed through the state’s court system.

Evictions are the legal means of removing a tenant from leased real property due to reasons such as non-payment and breach of the terms of the lease agreement. In Florida, evictions are managed through the state’s court system.

Foreclosure Actions
Foreclosure is the legal process in which a lender attempts to recover monies owed under a promissory note and mortgage from a borrower that has stopped making payments on the real property by forcing the sale of the real property used as collateral. In Florida, foreclosure actions are managed through the state’s court system.

Lease Agreements and Leasing Disputes
It behooves all landlords to ensure that the lease agreement they are using complies with Florida law, but also sufficiently protects the landlord. Best practices also dictate that tenants thoroughly review and understand the terms of their lease agreement prior to leasing residential or commercial real property.  Disputes between landlord and tenant are often rooted in the interpretation of the terms of the lease agreement.

Quiet Title Actions
An action to quiet title is a lawsuit brought in order to establish a party’s title to real property, and thus quiet any challenges or claims to title. An action to quite title requires that a lawsuit be filed against all entities that may have claim to title of the real property.

Unlawful Detainer Actions
Unlawful detainer actions are appropriate when a friend or family member residing on your property refuses to leave after being asked to do so. In unlawful detainer actions, there is no rental agreement or lease agreement. In Florida, unlawful detainer actions are managed through the state’s court system.

Transfers of Real Property/Deeds
Transfers of real property occur through a deed from the buyer to the seller. Once the deed is completed, the deed is recorded with the County Recorder for the county where the property is located. Transferring real property without the execution of a deed and the recordation of said deed is highly discouraged.