Business Law

Our firm services small and medium-sized business in a variety of areas that are crucial to every successful business owner. Over the years, it has been our experience that business owners that are willing to make a small investment in legal planning and preparation early on significantly reduces the chance of large expenditures on legal fees and related expenses down the road. We work in concert our clients to strategically protect their commercial interests while taking measures to minimize unnecessary expenses.

We service the business law needs of our clients in the areas of:

Business network concept.

Breach of Contract
Contracts are a pillar of capitalism and our legal system in the United States. Individuals and businesses routinely enter into contracts for everything from buying a car or a smartphone, leasing a house, starting a job or opening a bank account. There are often disputes over the terms of these contracts. An experienced attorney can often negotiate a resolution to these ubiquitous disputes without filing a lawsuit.

Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements
Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements are used by a variety of businesses to memorialize the rights and responsibilities of employers, employees and independent contractors. The agreements are similar in form and vary only to the extent employees and independent contractors’ rights and responsibilities differ.

Entity Formation and Maintenance
In Florida, new entities such as corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships are formed by registering the entity with the State of Florida. The creation of entities such as these also includes the preparation and execution of documentation memorializing the formation and maintenance of the entity.

Financing Transactions
Being able to secure timely and appropriate credit can sometimes be the difference between a successful business and the alternative. Small businesses typically find that securing competent legal counsel to represent them in transactions with lenders in order to secure business financing is the prudent course of action and saves money down the road.

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements are commonplace in the business world and are utilized as a means of protecting confidential or particularly sensitive business information when disclosure to a third-party is required in connection with a business transaction or partnership.

Producer Agreements
Producer Agreements define the terms of the relationship between insurance brokers and insurance agents.  These agreements can be tailored for insurance employees, as well as independent contractors operating in the insurance industry.  Producer Agreements also typically define who owns the “producer’s” clients.

Sale of Business
Buying or selling a business can be a complicated process if you are not an experienced and sophisticated businessperson. In order to properly protect yourself, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional in connection with this process. An attorney can help you decide if it is more advantageous to do an asset purchase or a stock purchase.

Small Business Restructuring
In times of financial turmoil, sometimes a struggling business owner’s best friend is an attorney experienced in business and finance law. Bankruptcy is not a per se good fit for every business experiencing difficult financial times. Sound advice regarding corporate and financial restructuring can provide the major benefits of bankruptcy without the negative credit treatment that is an unavoidable result of pursuing a bankruptcy.